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General Assembly appoints
Ban Ki-moon to second term as
UN Secretary-General

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon bows as delegates applaud his appointment to a second term

On June 21, the United Nations General Assembly agreed to appoint Ban Ki-moon to a second consecutive term as the Secretary-General of the192-member Organization. more

UN RC Shahid Najam

Get well soon Mr. Najam

In early June, United Nations Resident Coordinator, Mr. Shahid Najam, underwent a successful medical procedure in Ankara and is recovering quickly. On behalf of the United Nations family in Ankara and our readers, we wish him a continued speedy recovery. Get well soon Mr. Najam.

Mr. Juan Somavia, Director General of the ILO, participated in the 4th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries held in Turkey

The 4th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries, held on 9-13 May 2011 in İstanbul, assessed the achievements of the Brussels Programme of Action adopted in 2001 and set new measures and strategies for the next decade to attain sustainable development in the least developed countries. At the end of the conference the Istanbul Declaration and Istanbul Programme of Action were adopted. more

Children departed from Istanbul to Kars on "Friendship Train"!

UN Joint Programme Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia, which opened the first Children's Museum Room in Kars in January, organized a train journey from İstanbul to Kars. With a special cooperation between Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK), UN Joint Programme, Ankara University Educational Sciences Faculty and Ministry of Culture and Tourism a private train that is called "Friendship Train" travelled from Istanbul to Kars in April 18-22 April with an aim to raise awareness of children on cultural heritage on a children's rights basis and to share the activities of Provincial Children's Rights Committees. more

Ms. Bachelet (right) and Mr. Najam (left)

Newly established UN Women's Bachelet visits Turkey

Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, Ms. Michelle Bachelet has paid a visit to Turkey in May during the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries in İstanbul. Ms. Michelle Bachelet who met United Nations Country Team Members in Turkey, addressed also at the opening session of the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries.more

UN declares deadly cattle plague eradicated after global campaign

The United Nations declared that the world has completely eradicated a cattle disease that has killed millions of bovines for millennia. It is the first animal disease to be officially declared eradicated – and only the second disease ever, after smallpox. more

A tour spanning two continents to mark World Environmental Day

On 5 June 2011, in İstanbul, Bicycle Association, in cooperation with UN in Turkey, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Governorship of Istanbul organized a bicycle tour to mark the World Environmental Day. more

UN urges leaders to harness extraordinary benefits of forests

Potentially irreversible environmental changes threaten the progress that has brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, stressing the need for policy-makers to do more to preserve and strengthen the planet's natural resources, particularly its forests. more

Did you know?

According to the UN data, Asia-Pasific has suffered 85 per cent of deaths and 38 per cent of global economic losses due to disasters during 1980-2009.more

On Peacekeepers' Day, UN honours those serving and fallen heroes

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations family paid tribute to the more than 120,000 military, police and civilian personnel serving in peacekeeping missions across the world and honoured those who have lost their lives in the cause of peace.more

UN urges concerted global action to stem deadly toll from tobacco use

The United Nations today urged governments to drastically step up their efforts to curb the use of tobacco, stressing that policy-makers already have the tools they need to combat consumption of a drug that kills nearly 6 million people worldwide every year. more

UN's Rwanda genocide tribunal convicts woman of genocide for first time. Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, former Rwandan government minister of family and women's development.

Preventing genocide only real way to honour Rwandan victims – Ban

The only way to truly honour the memory of the more than 800,000 people who perished in Rwanda 17 years ago is to ensure that such tragedies never occur again, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, as the United Nations observed the annual day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide. more

On biodiversity day, UN highlights social, economic and green benefits of forests

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced concern over alarming deforestation and the degradation of woodlands and urged States to implement the recently agreed international treaty on sharing the benefits of the Earth's genetic resources, including forests and the natural valuables found in them. more

Electromagnetic fields from mobile telephones could possibly lead to cancer – UN

Exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile telephones could possibly cause cancer, including an increased risk in a malignant type of brain tumour, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported. more

President Abdullah Gül (second from left) and Secretary General Ban (second from right) at the LDC IV press conference

UN conference in Istanbul recommits to aid increases and favourable market access for least developed countries

A ten-year international action plan for 48 economically vulnerable nations was announced today by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu of Turkey on the closing day of a UN conference in Istanbul.

Countries agreed in the İstanbul Programme of Action to work for favourable market access conditions for all LDCs, including through the reduction or elimination of arbitrary or unjustified non-tariff barriers. more

UNICEF Representative Ayman Abulaban (fourth from left)

The 3rd International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection

The 3rd International Symposium on Children at Risk and in Need of Protection was launched in Ankara with the opening speeches of Müslüm Sayli from the Turkish National Police, parliamentarian Halide İncekara and UNICEF Turkey Representative Dr. Ayman Abulaban. more

New Awards to Dream Academy

Dream Academy obtained successful results at the Games Company (Corporate Games) held in May in İstanbul.

Academy, at the same time, is Social Responsibility Support Institution of Corporate Games.

In Corporate Games organization, together with volunteer students from Dreams Academy competed in four branches (swimming, cycling, chess and track).more

1st National Developmental Pediatrics Congress

The 1st National Developmental –Behavioral Pediatrics Congress organized with the speeches of the Congress President Prof. Dr. İlgi Ertem, Child Health and Illnesses Department Chair Prof. Dr. Semra Atalay, Ankara University Medical School Dean Prof. Dr. İlker Ökten, Ankara University Rector Prof. Dr. Cemal Taluğ, Mother and Child Health and Family Planning General Director Dr. M. Rıfat Köse and UNICEF Turkey Representative Dr. Ayman Abulaban. more

Facebook and Twitter: UNIC Ankara's new tools to reach out to youth

Power of social media is growing everyday and more and more people, businesses, politicians and other institutes join social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to make their voices heard widely and to disseminate their messages more effectively.

According to world statistics, Turkey is the fourth biggest market for Facebook following United States, United Kingdom and Malaysia. more

UN launches major push to improve global sanitation by 2015

In a bid to improve the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide, the United Nations today launched a major push to accelerate progress towards the goal of halving, by 2015, the proportion of the population without access to basic sanitation.

Access to sanitation has been recognized by the UN as a human right, a basic service required to live a normal life. And yet, some 2.6 billion people – or half the population in the developing world – still lack access to improved sanitation. more

UN staff remember the ‘quiet heroes' killed in Afghanistan, Africa

In a solemn ceremony held in Kabul and repeated at each of the 22 regional and provincial United Nations offices across Afghanistan, UN staff paid tribute to the colleagues who lost their lives on Friday when they were killed by a mob of protesters that had stormed an operations centre.

In April, three UN international staff and four international security guards were slain in Mazar-i-Sharif when a crowd of around 3,000 people protesting against the burning of a Koran in the United States unleashed their anger. It was the third direct attack against UN personnel in Afghanistan in the past 18 months. more

Asia-Pacific to remain global economy driver in 2011, but high food and fuel prices, and volatile capital inflows a risk

ESCAP Economic and Social Survey urges G20 to help moderate oil and food prices

Asia-Pacific developing countries will continue driving the global economy in 2011, however high food and fuel prices, and volatile capital inflows pose fresh challenges, the United Nations said in its annual regional social and economic report released on May 5. more

UN agency comes to aid of Iraq and Syria as devastating weed takes root http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/2011/05-24-nightshade.jpgSilverleaf nightshade in a wheat field

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that it is assisting farmers in Iraq and Syria battle a devastating alien weed that sucks nutrients from the soil and starves crops of much-needed water. more

On World Health Day, UN urges action against worsening drug resistance

A growing number of infections are becoming increasingly difficult to cure as a result of worsening drug resistance, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said, warning that the problem is forcing health professionals to resort to prolonged and expensive treatments and greater risk of death.

The report, unveiled to mark World Health Day, which is annually observed on 7 April, whose theme this year is "Combat Drug Resistance: No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow" calls for concerted action by governments, health professionals, industry and civil society, as wells as patients to slow down drug resistance. more

Peace and solidarity only possible when there is cultural diversity, Ban stresses

Cultural diversity brings vital spiritual, social and economic benefits, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, urging people to take steps in their own lives to strengthen the connections they have to each other.

"A world of peace and solidarity can only be accomplished by acknowledging and celebrity our diversity," he said in a message marking World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which is celebrated on 21 May each year. more

Desertification is caused by climatic variations and human actions

Sustainable development vital for populations in arid lands, Ban says

People living in the world's arid lands are among those most vulnerable to hunger and first to be affected by climate change, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned, calling for sustainable development to ensure those areas are productive enough to support their populations. more

http://www.unicankara.org.tr/fb/10-02-2011gaza.jpgUnemployment in Gaza is very high

Israeli blockade of Gaza hurts employment and wages, UN report says

Unemployment in the Gaza Strip remains among the highest in the world and real wages have continued to decline every year since Israel imposed a blockade of the area, according to a new report from the United Nations agency that assists Palestinian refugees. more


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Photo by Nezih Tavlaş

The UN Country Team members

With regard to recent developments over the Syrian Border, United Nations (UN) agencies participated in one-day visit to the Altınözü and Boynuyoğun tent cities in Hatay Province on June 18, 2011. During their stay in Hatay, more

Best prize at MDG-F workshop goes to Turkey

MDG-F Secretariat organized a multi-regional summit that brought together over 200 participants from the UN system and national partners in Al Jadida, Morocco in 19-22 June, 2011. At the end of the workshop a visual material contest was organized. Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change Joint Programme of Turkey won the best video award. more

Climate action plan completed

"National Action Plan on Climate Change (İDEP)", which prepared by Ministry of Environment and Forestry with contribution of UNDP completed. more

Workshop on Fighting Child Poverty started in Ankara

Organized jointly by UNICEF, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity of Prime Ministry and State Planning Organization, the "Workshop on Fighting Child Poverty" started in Ankara Niza Park Hotel on 24 and 25 May 2011. more

Bugra Çankır during his performance

Life-long education, health services and full citizenship rights

In Turkey, on 4 April 2011, a panel discussion was organized at the Gazi University, Ankara with the participation of government representatives, acade-micians and UN representatives to mark the World Autism Awareness Day. more

http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/2011/25-05-2011watson.jpgJessica Watson

Solo sailor Jessica Watson named UN youth representative against hunger

The United NationsJessica Watson World Food Programme (WFP) appointed Jessica Watson of Australia, the youngest person to sail alone non-stop around the world, as the agency's Youth Representative in support of the global fight against hunger. more  

Arab nations need to ensure sustainable transition to democracy – UN rights chief

The top United Nations human rights official stressed the need to ensure that the "promising" first steps taken by some countries in the Middle East and North Africa in response to calls for reform are followed up with measures to ensure a sustainable transition to democracy. more

http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/2011/05-26-mladic.jpgRatko Mladic

Arrest of Serbian war crimes fugitive important step in fight
against impunity – UN

United Nations officials welcomed the arrest of Serbian war crimes fugitive Ratko Mladic, long sought for his role in the atrocities committed during the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s, hailing it as an important step in the fight against impunity. more

Dozens of new collections added to UN's memory of the world register

The head of the United Nations agency tasked with preserving the world's cultural heritage today endorsed recommendations to inscribe 45 new documents and documentary collections – ranging from Leo Tolstoy's personal manuscripts to the collections of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to the patent issued to Carl Benz for a gas-fuelled engine in 1886 – into a heritage register. more

On global Mine Action Day, Ban urges states to abide by pacts against landmines

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for universal adherence to all international treaties prohibiting the use and stockpiling of landmines, and appealed for support for mine awareness and clearance efforts, which he said are necessary to create a safer world for all. more

A visit to Chernobyl

By Ban Ki-moon

Twenty-five years ago, the explosion at Chernobyl cast a radioactive cloud over Europe and a shadow around the world. Today, the tragedy at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant continues to unfold, raising popular fears and difficult questions. more

http://www.un.org/News/dh/photos/2011/464965-deiss.jpgGeneral Assembly President Joseph Deiss

Without Security Council reform, UN will lose credibility
– General Assembly chief

The United Nations will lose its credibility as the pre-eminent international forum if Member States are unable to agree on reforming the size, membership and working methods of the Security Council, General Assembly President Joseph Deiss said. more

Poor countries host 80 per cent of world's refugees, UN report shows

An estimated 80 per cent of the world's refugees now live in developing countries and yet anti-refugee sentiment is growing in many industrialized nations, the United Nations said in a report unveiled today, urging the richer States to address the deep imbalance.more

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